Exhibition at the Avondale Gallery, London

I’m really looking forward to going up to London next week for this exhibition.  I have five acrylic paintings in it and there will also be a lot of prints of my other paintings.  Including the one that went to Prince George, of Rupert flying Over the Bristol Suspension Bridge.

We are going to do a Meet the Artist session on the Sunday morning and it will be really nice to meet people.

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Flowers for Dad

I made this cut-out for dad for Father’s Day.  I had already made a painting of Anafiotika for mum, so I thought dad deserved something nice , too.  I take it for him to see on Tuesday.  He has already bought a frame for it, that i helped him choose.

It is A1 size, so it is quite big, and it is card on board.

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Anafiotika Athens. 2017

My latest painting which I have done for my mum’s birthday.  She and my dad lived in Anafiotika in Athens in 1968.  It did not look like this then.  Mum and I went to Athens last September and found the little house where they used to live, but it was covered in plants.

Still not sure about the path, but we will put it up on the wall and  look at it.

Acryllic on Board.  77 x 51 cms.  NFS ( Because it is mum’s present! )

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Sunflowers for Dad

This is my latest painting.  I did it for my dad.  He had received the picture on a card sent to him, and he liked it so much he asked me if I could do a painting of the sunflowers.  This is the result.  I’m really pleased with it, I think the colours work really well.  Just hope he likes it too.  We’re just off to Bristol to give it to him.


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Cut-out finds a New Home

This is very exciting. The cut-out I sold at the Salford Museum and Art Gallery has now arrived in its’ final home after travelling to an exhibition in London and then New York. It is going to live with Sarah and her son Freddie in Manchester. It looks lovely over their mantlepiece. condenced-taz-paintingNew-home-for-taz's-painting-condensedTaz-painting-condensed-2

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Snow in Norway – 4

This is my latest Snow painting and it is much larger than the others.  It is also my last one for a time because now ISnow-in-Norway---4 have just started a painting of sunflowers for my dad.

Acrylic on Board.  Size 70 x 50 cms.  NFS yet.


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Heart and Sold Exhibition

I have been taking part in the Heart and Sold exhibition at Salford Museum and Art Gallery.  All the works in the exhibition have been on a long journey.  Starting in London and then moving on to Fifth Avenue in New York and now to Salford.

I have four works in the exhibition…two paintings and two cut-outs.  And I have sold one of the cut-outs.  So exciting.  Mum and I went up to Salford for the Private View.  It was a lovely afternoon.  This is the cut-out that is going to a new home.  The lady on the left is Sarah Dolby who is going to care for the cut-out.    You can also see the two paintings that I did in the background.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 13.01.35_compressed

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