ART at the Hall

I’ve been asked to take part in this exhibition in Carmarthenshire in Wales.  There will be lots of artists there.  Potters, printmakers and sculptors as well as painters.  I am very excited to be taking part.  I think it will be a lovely thing to do. I am showing a number of my acrylic paintings, and possibly my elephant cut-outs.  I am also taking some packs of my greetings cards.  Do look at the Art at the Hall FB page.  There are more details there and some pictures of the other art in the exhibition.

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Baby Elephants Going for a Walk by the Sea

This elephant picture is very different.  It is on canvas and is very small.  It is only 30 x 15 cms.  This time, all the background is acrylic paint, and the elephants are thin card, and a lot of the shapes are card too.  The rest of the patterns are all brightly coloured pen and glitter pen.  And I used lots of different shape sequins.  It was hard to get them to stick. It felt different to work this small and it made a change.

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Elephants on the Beach – 2

This is the second on my elephant collages.  It is the same size as my last one and is on card again.  It is A1 size.  I started by using just oil pastels and cut-out card, but then I went on to add acrylic paint and lots of glitter pens. I have had a lot of fun making both of these.  I love the colours and it has been good to do lots of patterns and make it as bright as possible.

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Elephants on the Beach

This is my latest collage.  It is a mixture of card and all the background is done with oil pastels.  It is large again.  A1.  But I have used glitter pens and other types of pens to get the exotic look I wanted.  I wanted it to be very bright and exotic.  I like experimenting and trying new things, I don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over.

I have just had a birthday and have been given lots of lovely card including very shiny mirror card and lots of oil pastels, so I can’t wait to get using them and see what happens.

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A Very Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas to everyone.  We are looking forward to 2018 and I hope everyone will have a healthy and exciting year.

This has been a very good year and I had an exhibition in London in November.  These were some of the paintings that were in that exhibition.  They also had Christmas cards of my snow paintings.


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Exhibition at the Avondale Gallery, London

I’m really looking forward to going up to London next week for this exhibition.  I have five acrylic paintings in it and there will also be a lot of prints of my other paintings.  Including the one that went to Prince George, of Rupert flying Over the Bristol Suspension Bridge.

We are going to do a Meet the Artist session on the Sunday morning and it will be really nice to meet people.

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Flowers for Dad

I made this cut-out for dad for Father’s Day.  I had already made a painting of Anafiotika for mum, so I thought dad deserved something nice , too.  I take it for him to see on Tuesday.  He has already bought a frame for it, that i helped him choose.

It is A1 size, so it is quite big, and it is card on board.

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