Artwork for Sale

Here is a full list of all my paintings currently for sale. I also have sets of greeting cards for sale too. For more information on all my paintings please contact Gylda Thomas at

Original Paintings

Greeting Cards
Pack of 5 (6×6 inch) – £15

Pack of 6 (5×7 inch) – £18
Taz_Paintings_Greeting_Cards_5x7The postage and packing costs* for sending my artwork are as follows (please note postage costs for original artwork will be calculated at time of interest):



  • no additional p&p cost


  • Two Packs – £4.00

USA, Canada, Australia:

  • Two Packs – £5.00

* As at 10/2017 (prices subject to change).

For any enquiries on sales, commissions please contact Gylda Thomas at

6 Responses to Artwork for Sale

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I would like to buy some cards. The email address doesnt seem to work on the website. How do I order them

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  3. I have several Charles Peterson original, signed, framed and numbered. I need to sell them. Any advice is greatly…Thanks

  4. Ruth Jennings says:

    Please can I purchase your greeting cards can you advise the amount and payment process
    Many thanks
    Your website email address is incorrect

    • Tazia Fawley says:

      Hello Ruth
      The greetings cards are in pack of 5 for £10 ,and 6 cards for £12. P&P varies according to country. Please contact me on my email address as shown above. It is correct. Please make sure to add the number one after gylda. You could pay by cheque or money transfer or PayPal.
      Hope this helps.
      All best wishes

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