Cliffs in Sutherland. Scotland

Cliffs in Sutherland.  Scotland

Cliffs in Sutherland. Scotland

Acrylic on Board.  Size 50×50 cms.  Sold.

My latest painting which I finished yesterday.  And it took me ages, I think about four months, because it has so much detail in it.  I didn’t realise when I started that it was so complicated.  It really was the most difficult painting so far.  Although it was so difficult I enjoyed painting it, but it needed a lot of concentration.  A bit like a big jigsaw puzzle!

A big ‘thank you’ to Chris Sharp who took this photo, and who very kindly allowed me to work from it.  He has said that he is going to put the painting on his Facebook page, so that will be exciting.

Anyway, I’m taking today off from painting and am going to watch a Harry Potter film.  I’m also going through all my photos of seascapes to see which one I’ll do next.

It is lovely to have my own space now, and my studio is completely finished and I have all my things in there.  It is nice and peaceful, because I don’t like people watching me when I paint.  And also I can play all my own music or I even have the television on whilst I’m painting.

About Tazia Fawley

I started painting seriously about 10 years ago. My main interests are sea-scapes and land-scapes. I live in Somerset in the UK and have had a number of local exhibitions. I enjoy working in acrylic paint and find that it is a versatile medium and sympathetic to my way of working. I am a self-taught painter and am fascinated by colour, pattern and design.
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5 Responses to Cliffs in Sutherland. Scotland

  1. Garth Tucker says:

    Taz, I was impressed when I saw this painting in its’ early stages but now it is finished I am even more impressed. I hope to see it face to face sometime.

  2. Derek says:

    Another fabulous painting, start a new one soon!

  3. Carole says:

    It was well worth the effort

  4. Katherine McGee says:

    I wandered to your site because I am a descendant of Sutherlands. LOVE your work!

  5. tanjaernst says:

    love all your paintings! really cool stuff! all the best to you! Tanja

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