Land’s End in Winter

Land's End

Land’s End in Winter

Acrylic on Board.  40 x 50 cms.  Sold.

Another snow painting.  I tried to make it look very cold.  I took it from a photo by Mr. Ian Woolcock.  When my mum asked him if he would let me use his photo, he was very kind and said , ‘yes’.  So a big thank you.

The snow was difficult, and mum suggested sponging it.  She likes sponging, and I think the effect works well and it does look like snow.  I am now working again on an old painting that I did years ago.  I put a figure of me in the middle of it when I did it, but I don’t paint figures so well.  So, I’m painting it out and making it into a landscape.  It is a new thing to do and is quite exciting, and the landscape looks really good.  I will put it on this site when I’ve finished it.

About Tazia Fawley

I started painting seriously about 10 years ago. My main interests are sea-scapes and land-scapes. I live in Somerset in the UK and have had a number of local exhibitions. I enjoy working in acrylic paint and find that it is a versatile medium and sympathetic to my way of working. I am a self-taught painter and am fascinated by colour, pattern and design.
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4 Responses to Land’s End in Winter

  1. Carole says:

    Tazia – that is a lovely picture!
    A Happy New Year to you and your mother

  2. Derek says:

    Lovely painting. Your Mum was right, the sponging is very successful

  3. Eileen & Alan Webb says:

    I like this painting Taz. I have seen this view in summer but this is the first time I have viewed it as a winter landscape.

    Thank You!


  4. Liz says:

    Taz, the whole family thinks your paintings are SUPER! How can we buy them?

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