Dunes – New England Beach

Dunes - New England Beach

Dunes - New England Beach

Acrylic on Board.  Size 60 x 40cm.  Sold.

This is one of the new series of sea-scapes that I am making now.  I love all the different moods of the sea and all the colours to be found in it.  I think that each painting has turned out very differently, which is quite exciting.

About Tazia Fawley

I started painting seriously about 10 years ago. My main interests are sea-scapes and land-scapes. I live in Somerset in the UK and have had a number of local exhibitions. I enjoy working in acrylic paint and find that it is a versatile medium and sympathetic to my way of working. I am a self-taught painter and am fascinated by colour, pattern and design.
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6 Responses to Dunes – New England Beach

  1. Pat Cox says:

    Hi Taz,
    How wonderful to see your lovely paintings – such colour and vibrancy. Do you remember me from OXFAM in Cotham? You painted the mural by my desk, I don’t think it ever got finished. I am so delighted to see your work and will keep my eye on your work.

  2. Helena Mitchell says:

    I love the dunes and the grasses growing… It is so magical!


  3. Tristan says:

    Another great painting, the contrast of the flat colours with the intricate lines are really interesting, very original. What a wonderful series of paintings Taz!

  4. Sara ridler says:

    Hi Taz! Long time no see. I have always admired your work and when I was given the opportunity to view online I was dead chuffed !
    I particularly love the sunflowers, your Heligan series, Bluebell Wood and Mystery Path, and Follow The Yellow Brick Road, but I was completely blown away by Floods at Athelney, and Dunes – New England Beach.
    Your sense of colour and the way you actually interpret what you see is inspirational.
    Love Sara ( down in deepest Devon!) .

  5. Mieko Aida says:

    Hi Taz. Its Aida.
    Its funtastic!
    I like the shade on the right hand side very much

    I am looking forward to seeing more of your paintings.
    with Love

  6. Julian says:

    Hi Taz,
    I love this picture. The whole feeling and the colours are just perfect, I could almost be sitting on the dunes just looking at it.

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