Cornish Sea-scape

Cornish Sea-Scape

Cornish Sea-Scape

Acrylic on board.  Size 50 x 40cm.  Price SOLD

About six months ago I started a series of sea-scapes and this is the first one.  It was something completely new for me, but again I was looking at how the light played on the water and how the shapes in everything kept on repeating.  I tried to simplify what I saw. It was very different from the landscapes.  But even so what became the most important things were the same.  That is the design, colour and texture.

About Tazia Fawley

I started painting seriously about 10 years ago. My main interests are sea-scapes and land-scapes. I live in Somerset in the UK and have had a number of local exhibitions. I enjoy working in acrylic paint and find that it is a versatile medium and sympathetic to my way of working. I am a self-taught painter and am fascinated by colour, pattern and design.
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2 Responses to Cornish Sea-scape

  1. Kim valdez says:

    I love the seascape painting and Floods at Athelny and I think your paintings are all really interesting and fresh. Locke Park has an amazing sense of place, I can just imagine being there.

    Best Wishes, kim

  2. David Uren says:

    I like this painting because it has two dimensions of the Cornish Coast in one painting, the cliffs and the dunes.
    I have walked the whole of the Coast Path and am tantalised just where it is!

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